Sports Clothing Manufacturer

Tshirts Factory Thailand is a key game day supplier for products that are used in diverse game events like the World Cup, European Championships, Champions League, and Premier League. Our customers turn to us for our master abilities in making replica wear. We make use of modern advances in design execution, laser cutting improvement, sewn, ultrasonic, and fortified seaming notwithstanding the branding techniques.

Game Day

Our particular capability sets us up to make new ideas for the creation of noteworthy benchmarks. That is the reason we have a wide encounter in creating game day merchandises for Federation and Club sides that comprises of Manchester United, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Olympique Marseille, Holland, Brazil, Celtic, Portugal, Glasgow Rangers, and the USA.


Highly Secure, Reliable Delivery

We know that game day is a key promoting necessity. Our experts, sourcing staff, and originators are driven to make replica wear that persuades group bonding. Our overall sourcing and manufacturers are adjusted to create an empowering replica wear that hits the business at the right moment.

Our uniquely manufactured Promo Unit is a restricted access office where we outline our new designs. This particular unit practices secrecy while the product is currently being created. We administer creation through our handling plants, with on area groups that are responsible for testing quality and securing the privacy of the brand before it gets discharged to the business sector.

New Technology, New Innovations
Replica wear that recognize new plans
Laser cutting development notwithstanding sewn, ultrasonic and strengthened seaming
Making the mark through embroidery, badge making, high heat transfers and screen-printing
Discreet Promo Unit headway
Wise logistics for significantly fundamental time scales

Sports Casual Wear

Tshirts Factory Thailand creates and fabricates trademarked or non-exclusive sports casual wear to supplement our expert game day, team wear, and training wear solutions. We outline and produce a full extent of casual pack including polo shirts, T- shirts, casual shorts and jeans, and also jackets and wools

Our sports casuals’ collection lines are produced and quality controlled without trade off. We work with you to concur your business needs, applying our information and experience to make sports easy accumulations that convey on good performance

Inspiring Sports Styles And Innovative Delivery

We represent considerable authority in adaptable administration, using our global sourcing and assembling system to guarantee that item advancement is matched by proficiency of conveyance. Working from your specialized concise we utilize our learning and encounter as a part of fabric improvement and piece of clothing development to attain sports casual wear that performs in variable conditions.

At each phase of the inventory network from outline to fabric and trim sourcing, specialized advancement and full processing, we focus on magnificence of administration with ace-dynamic critical thinking and sharp logistical results. We guarantee your extents get to market rapidly, with aggregate quality control to meet your concurred measures.

Streamlined Services For A Competitive Edge
A full selection of Sports Casual wear developed to match your concise
Development in outline and specialized improvement
Custom manufactured administrations to help
Versatile assembling and supply for smooth conveyance
All out quality control from prototyping to delivery


Tshirts Factory Thailand teamwear is made and prepared to surpass desires in any sports game conditions. We unite advanced garment creation development with inventive capacity and experience, all moved around by an overall supply and manufacturing channel to comprehend your longing on performance and swift levels of delivery.


Flexibility is our agenda. We get your group wear lines to market quickly, feasibly, and with total quality control at each stage.

Specialized Development For Team Performance

Our specific expertise is broad, with a limitless mixed bag of fabric and advancement propels promptly accessible. Worldwide change and sourcing coordinated efforts in group wear presentation, durability, comfortability, and adaptability at the most astounding purpose of our goals.

Teamwear could be stamped as simply as weaving, screen printing, heat transfer, or weaved insignias. Additionally, we are experts in creating new marking strategies where required.

We know our target market inside and out, utilizing an overall arrangement of assembling plants and sourcing work spots to achieve profoundly inventive things that convey the items for your business.

Teamwear For Today’s Sports Challenges
Stamped beginner and master teamwear
Discreet work plants
Advancements in fabric and teamwear handling
A mixture of stamping advances
Sharp logistics organization for stress free delivery

Training Wear

Tshirts Factory Thailand training wear serves as the world’s most influential players and sports clothing group. We always push for new advancements to help display achievement on and off the field. Our industry heading profile sets us up to pass on to your lead time and necessities, wherever you select into our stock supply system.

We have the flexibility, abilities, and business data to achieve a centered edge on a full run of trainingwear including tracksuits, training jeans, wet jackets, coats, and training shirts. Our organizations are matched to your determinations, timetable, and full brand security.

Top Of the Edge Development

We can make and improve any product at any stage to help you with sourcing, testing, and transforming. We are the authority in working with a broad assortment of fabrics including woven materials and sew. Logos and brand supporters can be publicized through quick weaving, images, heat transfer, and screen printing procedure.

Our worldwide sourcing and production chain is ready to respond to your situation, adapting quickly to achieve a quick outcome for your brand. We are at the cutting edge of specific improvements to pass on business enthusiasm for trainingwear that stays on the ball even in the hardest circumstances.

Solid Trainingwear To Meet The Toughest Challenges
Tracksuits, track pants, shirts, coats and jackets
Cutting edge designing for impelled execution
Full checking enhancement capacities
Worldwide production limit
Responsive logistics organization for powerful movement